Chat-bots, AI and the voice interface, through 4 expert lenses [EVENT]

Thu 9 March 2017, 16:00 – 19:00 GMT, London


Alexa, Siri and OK Google – what does AI and the voice interface mean for your business and the way digital services are provisioned? What opportunities do chat bots present and how are others thinking about this? We’re bringing together some leading names to offer their perspectives, practical experience and advice on how to evaluate and take advantage of this space.

We’ll start off with introductions and anecdotes from the speakers and then break into a panel session before moving to questions from the floor.

The speakers:

Luke McNeice – Founder and CEO, Lola Tech – “Building a chatbot in 1991 and where that thinking takes us today”

Back in 1991 Luke was one of the admins for Sydney’s IRC servers, think of it as skype but without voice. Luke started coding messaging interfaces and those early experiments still shape the way he thinks about the interface today leading his international team at Lola Tech, building global travel systems and products.
Charles Cadbury – Dazzle, a voice activated personal assistant – “From concept to concierge in 70 days.”

Dazzle was conceived on 30th September in a pub on Broadway Market. 70 Days later this in room personal assistant, built on Amazon’s Alexa platform, was delivering requests to hotel guests in London Marriott Hotel County Hall. Charlie will talk through the steps required to get your voice product to market ahead of your competition.

Ben Phillips – Global Head of Mobile, Mediacom – “What chatbots and voice mean to the mobile and interface landscape in 2017 and beyond”

Ben’s global remit at Mediacom is to deliver a macro view of the digital landscape through a mobile lens. He has unparalleled insight into the way consumers engage with different channels and interfaces. Ben will offer an outside-in perspective on the topics at hand and contextualise the growth of these new interfaces.

James Smith – Head of Digital Service at the Automobile Association – “How to create a compelling business case for chatbot and voice”

James is an expert in consumer engagement and through his roles at leading banks and now at the AA has a keen eye on the benefits offered by a more conversational interface with a consistent personality. He will talk through his experience in shaping the way to position the benefits back into to your business.

Harry Harrold – Director at Neontribe

Harry is a digital product manager with years of experience of facilitating conversations between businesses delivering new customer experiences, technologists who can make those experiences happen, and users and those who speak for them. He looks to ensure those experiences are valuable, feasible and delightful.


  • 15:30 – arrival, teas and coffees
  • 16:00 – Introductions from the speakers
  • 16:45 – Panel discussion
  • 17:00 – Q&A from the floor
  • 17:15 – Networking and sundowners


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