About Us

Lola is a company on a mission: to bring awesome software to the global travel and tourism industry through unconventional brilliance.

Our Expertise

Lola is headquartered in London – but our experience, client base and scope are global. Led by chief software architect Luke McNeice, our senior-level team has spent years designing and delivering complex digital products for some of the world’s most demanding travel businesses.

Since 2010, we’ve been behind some extremely successful, high-volume online systems, including:

  • A $1bn-a-year ecommerce website for the world’s most profitable airline
  • A heavy-duty pilot shift booking system, designed and delivered in just 120 days
  • A highly-scalable global distribution system (GDS) for the golf industry
  • A highly-available, transaction-intensive commission arbitrage system for travel operators

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Our People

From the start, we wanted Lola to be different from traditional outsourcers. We only hire senior, experienced people with a proven track record in designing, building, managing and delivering complex software systems. Our senior management team has more than 150 years combined expertise in the global travel and tourism industry and building large-scale, high-volume e-commerce sites.

Our Service Delivery Approach

When you work with Lola, you don’t just get a software product. You get a complete, professional managed service that delivers exactly what you need – quickly and expertly. That’s because we approach every project in the same way:

  • We listen carefully to you to understand what you need
  • We advise on what we can deliver based on your brief – including what is and isn’t possible
  • We team skilled developers with highly experienced project managers
  • We use agile methods and extensive automation to deliver high-quality software, fast
  • We architect for your future needs as well as today’s, so you can scale with confidence
  • We give you early and frequent sight of the software as we go, so you can give feedback
  • We give you regular, candid updates on our progress, so there are no surprises

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Talk to us

If you’d like to know more about what Lola could do for you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to listen to your requirements and advise on whether we can deliver what you need.

To find out more call now on 020 7099 7782 or visit our Contact Page

Some of the things that make us different

Our team brings the full stack of skills to your project, meaning it's managed from end to end.
Excellent Communicators
We are dedicated to staying in constant contact with our clients so that what we craft is exactly what is needed.
Full transparency
Our work is transparent from coding to deployment and everything in between, for your peace of mind.
Process driven
Change is built into our processes and we work together to deliver state-of-the-art products.