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    5 Ways Automation Is Revolutionising the Travel Sector

    20 years ago there were many hoops to jump through in order to book a holiday. Travellers had to seek the assistance of travel agents or dedicate themselves to studying guidebooks. The key force in this transformation has been automation, allowing anyone with a phone or computer to book entire holidays in an instant. The

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    10 Websites You Didn’t Know Used Drupal

    But first, what is Drupal? Drupal is powerful content management software. The key difference of Drupal compared to similar applications is its modularity, flexibility is one of the company’s core principles. This modularity enables creators to build integrated digital frameworks with 100s of add-ons and themes, integration with external infrastructures it is all here. The

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    The Uncanny Valley, Open Banking and Room-Service-Ponies: A Chatbot Story

    Four AI experts offered their thoughts on the future of chatbots at a recent event. Here’s what happened, and what you need to know about the coming era of AI and voice interfaces. See the video highlights below and read on for the full roundup: “Chat is the new browser, and bots are the new

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    Chat-bots, AI and the voice interface, through 4 expert lenses [EVENT]

    Thu 9 March 2017, 16:00 – 19:00 GMT, London BOOK TICKETS HERE Alexa, Siri and OK Google – what does AI and the voice interface mean for your business and the way digital services are provisioned? What opportunities do chat bots present and how are others thinking about this? We’re bringing together some leading names

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    Dazzle, a voice activated personal assistant

    Dazzle is an in room personal assistant designed to replace the telephone and guest directory in hotel rooms globally.  This is Lola Tech’s first product to market and within 3 months of inception has won competitions and is installed and available to guests in a Central London Marriott Hotel.  Dazzle has been a 70 day roller coaster to

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    Building Hadoop clusters using Sahara (Openstack Project)

    If you are playing around with Apache Hadoop and looking for a good provisioning tool you can check the Sahara project from Openstack. Also, an easy way to play with all the features is to use vagrant to setup a local Openstack environment and configure Sahara. For this you can use the Github project for OpenStackCookbook

  • ai-voice-event-with TTL
    Voice and AI event [VIDEO] and notes

    Having recently won a Marriot Hotels accelerator with our new voice recognition product ‘Dazzle’ (watch this space!) we hosted an event last Month to share our experience of building a voice user interfaces (VUI) and discuss how companies could begin to think about their user experience and interaction using voice as an interface. We had

  • tedxfrankfurt-logo
    Top takeaway’s from TEDx Frankfurt “Trust. Old Values, new Realities”

    Here’s a brief summary of some of the talks, kicking off with our favorite quotes of the day. “It is not that we don’t have the time to do what we want.  We don’t have the want to do what we have time for.” – Nolen Gertz “Trust is the salt in our social supper”

  • design-voice-interface
    Why now is the time to learn more about the voice interface

    In 2016 the Voice User Interface (VUI) has most definitely landed. Amazon’s Alexa powers ‘Echo’ and ‘Dot’ devices, Apple’s Siri is making its way into home via Apple TV and Google is joining the fray with ‘Home’ now on sale (US only for now).  So why is now the time to get excited and is

  • Heathrow-airport
    Why do Airline Computer Systems Crash? Examining the recent BA Downtime

    BA joins Southwest Airlines and Delta, suffering from a recent very public IT issue. Here are some reasons this kind of downtime happens, and tips for protecting essential airline systems. Any frequent traveler knows delays happen. But when thousands of travelers around the globe are kept waiting for hours and hours for their British Airways